Best Louisville Bars for your Repeal Day Celebration

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Happy Repeal Day friends!  On this very day in 1933, the United States voted to ratify the 21st (and our personal favorite) Amendment, thereby repealing Prohibition once and for all and declaring the 18th Amendment null and void after 13 years!  Elated Americans rushed to previously boarded up bars and distillers began to shake the dust off their beloved stills.  Alcohol production became regulated again as the business crawled out from its underground hiding places.   The beverage industry was officially back in full swing! 

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                Here at Brooks Grain, we would be in remiss of our duty, as suppliers to distillers and spirit lovers, to neglect this important part of our past.  We’ve rounded up a list of some of our favorite Louisville bars to help you celebrate the anniversary of this monumental piece of legislation.  Because our fair city provides such an array of lively watering holes, this list is far from comprehensive, but we do, however, think it serves as a great start for your Repeal Day festivities!  Without further ado…

  • The Silver Dollar – a casual spot with an impressive list of carefully crafted cocktails and unpretentious, yet delicious, Southern bites. An excellent place to relax and indulge!
  • Hell or High Water – a speakeasy where you can truly immerse yourself in pre-Prohibition era culture.  Enjoy a cocktail reminiscent of the classic ones served up by bartenders prior to the 18th Amendment.  Reservations recommended as seating is limited.
  • Bourbons Bistro – the bourbon joint for Louisvillians and visitors alike.  Extensive bourbon list and knowledgeable bartenders in an upscale, but cozy environment.  We’ve heard rumors about some fun drink specials and a special barrel roll down Frankfort Avenue as well.
  • The Champagnery – a classy bubbles bar that also serves up classic cocktails and charcuterie for those who like to sip in style.  Great atmosphere and service.  Perfect for small groups or dates!
  • The Old Seelbach Bar – a beautiful hotel bar brimming with Prohibition-era history and Gatsby vibes.  Complimentary cocktails and apps from 5-7 and special distiller guests will be joining in the fun.  Bonus points if you visit the Rathskellar in the basement of the hotel to look for Al Capone’s bullet hole in the ceiling. 


Did we miss any great spots?  Let us know if you hit any of our picks!  On the other hand, if staying in is more your style, check out our tips to style your very own Repeal Day party! 


  • Begin the party at 9pm (the 21st hour) as a tribute to the 21st Amendment
  • Craft a signature drink for the evening with names like “Prohibition Punch”, “French 21” or “McCoy Manhattan”
  • Ask guests to dress in their finest old-fashioned garb
  • Decorate with print outs of newspaper articles from that glorious December day in 1933
  • Make the first round of drinks virgin to pay homage to those 13 painfully dry years
  • Include booze in all the party snacks and give out mini bottles as a favor to keep things cheery
  • Set the mood by playing historically accurate, upbeat big band and swing jazz all night

Cheers to Repeal!




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