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5 Rye Whiskey Drinks for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us which means a few drinks may be in order.Regardless of whether you are entertaining or just trying to make it through that awkward family dinner, you can never go wrong with a little rye whiskey. Need a few drink ideas? Check out the delicious options below.  Cadet PunchWhen most people think of punch, they think of their high-school prom or uncomfortable office parties. Cadet Punch steps it up a notch bringing punch to a whole new level. This tasty drink inclu...
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Now That It’s National Bourbon Heritage Month, Let’s Celebrate!

In case you didn’t know, by an act of Congress in 2007, September was declared National Bourbon Heritage Month. So we here at Brooks Grain are pretty excited when the calendar turns. This year, we encourage you to celebrate our favorite historic spirit with a tour and a new take on whiskey.No matter the intention of Congress ten years ago, September has become synonymous with whiskey. Distillers roll out their newest whiskies. Festivals abound. So why not take advantage, right? One of the ...
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