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Bourbon Barrels: Does Size Matter?

Barrels in which bourbon is aged, can make or break the flavor of the final product. The color and flavor of the bourbon are immensely affected by it. So, it is important to understand a thing or two about these barrels. A number of factors such as the wood, the process of charring it, and its very size, have a great influence on how barrels affect the flavor. We have quite a thorough knowledge of how the ageing process works, and how the barrel size can affect it. Here, we will share them with ...
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The Bourbon Trail

If you have never been on the bourbon trail you simply have to place it on your bucket list. The tours, scenery, whiskey and history make it a trip never forgotten. Here is a link to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail website to get a feel for the story behind the spirit.Thank you Lacy Dunsmore for sharing your great photos with us.
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Road Trip To Bourbon Country!

Summer is coming … and it’s the perfect time to do road trips! One of our favorite road trips is of course through Kentucky Bourbon Country! There are so many ways to enjoy the Kentucky Countryside; by bike, motorcyle, tour service, horse back (we’ve heard it can be done!) and by your own automobile. A great place to start for your Kentucky Bourbon Trail Trip is here: Kentucky Bourbon TrailIn the meantime – here are 3 distilleries with interesting beginnings that yo...
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Whisk(e)y book roundup

OK, you can never know too much about whisk(e)y.  Now if you are confused as to why we have the dual spelling, there is a reason for this. In America, Japan and Ireland it is spelled Whiskey. In Canada and Scotland is spelled Whisky.Understanding Whisk(e)y and distilling is a life journey…and a great road to travel with a companion with an appreciation for a tasting adventure.Here are a couple of  books worth a look. Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible 2015 Whisk(e)y Dist...
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The Kentucky Bourbon Festival 2015

If you are making plans for a fall vacation, consider heading out to the Kentucky Bourbon Festival. This is an exciting event for Bourbon lovers! This year, the festival is held September 15-20, 2015. Here are some great things you can expect to check out while you are there.  The Barrel Relay RaceWhether you sign up to be a part of the relay or just be a spectator, this is a fun part of the festival. Participants have to roll barrels of whiskey down a track and get them onto rack...
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What is the difference Between Single Batch and Blended Whiskey?

Many whiskey drinkers (and even some bartenders!) have a misbelief that a single-malt Scotch whiskey is not a blended whiskey, but this is simply not the truth. In fact, single-malt Scotch is a blend, as are nearly all the whiskies on the market in the US today – including bourbons, rye’s, Tennessee’s, and scotches.  The formal definition of a blended whiskey is one that contains a mix of barrel-aged malt and grain whiskeys, although informally, any blend of more than...
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