Moonshine – the mason jar is back

Shabby chic – we see it in decor, we see it in clothing and now we’re seeing it in alcohol. All hail the mason jar!First, it was the hipsters drinking tall boys of PBR. That was, like, the coolest thing to do aside from growing facial hair that rivals the fanciest of topiaries or walking a pet cat on a leash. Now, its sharing a jar of legal moonshine among friends or garnishing a craft cocktail with a moonshine soaked fruit. Why is it popular?Because it is something different, someth...
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The perfect cocktail to pair with McDonald’s all-day breakfast

Now that McDonalds is open for breakfast all day we should consider the best companion whisky drink to enjoy with your McMuffin. Check out this video for the perfect cocktail.
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Rye Whiskey Continues to Soar in Popularity

Once a “dead drink” – a whiskey largely passed over by post-prohibition drinkers as inferior to its sweeter cousin Bourbon – rye whiskey has been making an incredible comeback in the past few years as the trend for classic cocktails has brought rye back to prominence.In fact, US sales of the spirit have increased six fold in the last six years, from slightly over $15 million in supplier revenues in 2009 to more than $106 million in 2014. That translates to about $300 mill...
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7 Fun Facts About Bourbon

It doesn’t get much more American than bourbon. Whether you love it or hate it (but who really hates bourbon?), it has become a part of America’s rich history. Here are 7 bourbon facts you can share next time you are having a whiskey amongst friends.1. Bourbon was born in Kentucky, and the state continues to craft 95% of the world’s supply today. Why? Kentucky’s climate, water, and conditions are ideal for concocting the perfect bourbon.2. In the year 1964, Congress decla...
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Making Your Own Craft Bourbon

Bourbon is as classic as it gets. The unique taste of the drink emerges from the grains used in making it, the aging process, the char on the barrel used for storing, humidity, temperature, and many other factors. What if it was possible to make a craft bourbon, where the customer can control right from the grains used in making the liquor, to the process of proofing, and everything in between? Wouldn’t it be simply marvelous? This is exactly what the new online tool from Buffalo Trac...
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5 Rye Whiskey Drinks for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us which means a few drinks may be in order.Regardless of whether you are entertaining or just trying to make it through that awkward family dinner, you can never go wrong with a little rye whiskey. Need a few drink ideas? Check out the delicious options below.  Cadet PunchWhen most people think of punch, they think of their high-school prom or uncomfortable office parties. Cadet Punch steps it up a notch bringing punch to a whole new level. This tasty drink inclu...
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New Look

Our new branded look…updated and great looking.  
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Wheat Production Report Overview

Overall in the United States, despite the climate change, wheat production is above previous levels. All wheat growth combined is forecasted to be up 6%. These predictions are about on par with the industry predictions of 2.149 billion bushels.  The only type of wheat that is expected to see a negative hit is winter wheat. Forecasts of the production have it currently down 3% but that is still greater than the 2014 yield. In total there is expected to be a 33.3 million acres of winter ...
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Brooks Grain is Sponsoring Grains & Grits Festival

Brooks Grain is sponsoring the Townsend Grains & Grits Festival!The event is taking place on November 5th, 2016 in Townsend, Tennessee at The Peaceful Side of the Smokies. This amazing venue is nestled in a beautiful corner of Eastern Tennessee near the Great Smoky Mountains. This is the perfect setting for outdoor recreation, so you may want to stay a few extra days and enjoy the stunning scenery and limitless hiking trails after the festival!The Townsend Grain & Grits Festival&nbs...
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The Business of Craft Spirits – Minneapolis

This month the Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal will be getting a few of the twin cities local distilleries together in one room to discuss the past, present and future of the craft spirits business!Our very own Cara Fields will be on the panel of experts discussing the past, present and future of the craft spirits business! Be sure to follow along with this conversation on Twitter using the hashtag: #mspbjspiritsSome of the other panelists will be Bob McManus from 11 wells, Chris Mo...
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