What Makes a Grain Whiskey?

Whiskies vary greatly in flavor and form depending upon their composition, agedness, and the distillery method used to get them from plant form into your glass.  Acquiring a taste for whiskey is a worthy pursuit inviting one with an adventurous spirit to call themselves a whiskey drinker.  A true whiskey connoisseur will tell you that whiskies vastly differ one from another and a small piece of the puzzle is whether the whiskey is a grain whiskey or a malt whiskey.Although ba...
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A Letter to Craft Distillers

At Brooks Grain, we have been supplying high quality grain to distillers for decades. In that time, we have learned how to select the highest quality product at the best prices possible. We have also learned how to get our product to our distillers quickly and effectively.As a craft distiller, you have a lot on the line. In order to produce your product, your suppliers must be dependable. There is nothing more critical to your business than turning over your inventory. We understand that waiting...
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Nicholas Nessan Joins the Brooks Grain Team

It is with great pleasure that CGB and Brooks Grain, LLC announce the hiring of Nicholas Nessan to be a part of the Brooks Grain, LLC team.Nick has been in the grain and futures trading business for 9 years with experience on the trading floors in Minneapolis and Chicago.  Nick spent the previous 6 years as a cash grain trader, in both the US and Canada.  Nick brings a strong trading background to Brooks Grain and is excited to continue on the legacy of his Grandfather, the company&rsq...
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Brooks Grain Exhibiting at ADI Conference & Vendor Expo

Brooks Grain, LLC will be exhibiting at the American Distilling Institute’s (ADI) Annual Craft Spirits Conference & Vendor Expo. The event will take place April 3-6, 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland at the Baltimore Convention Center.  The Craft Spirits Conference is one of the oldest and most successful conferences in the craft spirits industry. Baltimore is an interesting city packed full of intrigue, patriotism, and important history. To top it off, Baltimore and Washington DC ...
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How to Have a Whiskey Tasting

Everyone knows about wine tasting parties, but if you want to host a night that will set you apart from the rest, it’s time to bring out the big guns, and host a whiskey tasting. So just buy some whiskies and get your friends over right? Not quite. You know that there’s more to whisky than slamming it back straight or doubling it down with a well known cola, and soon your friends will too, if you make the right preparations.  Whiskey: Firstly, it would be easy to get c...
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3 Ways To Use Rye For Christmas!

Christmas is almost upon us once again and what better way to celebrate the holiday season than with some delicious Christmas fare? Why not go a step further and incorporate rye into some amazingly tasty and unique recipes that will be guaranteed to wow your family and friends this year?  Don’t pack on the pounds on this Christmas! By eating rye, which is known for its low GI content, meaning you feel fuller for longer, you will be inclined to eat less and thus be less likely to ...
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Grains Impact Whisky Flavor

The creation of whisky is a beautiful combination of both art and science. When sampling whiskies, you will notice that not one is the same. This is because the distilling process is a craft, one that is customized to your liking. Part of the crafting process is making the flavors compliment you. This is exactly why there are so many different categories of whisky. Take a look and see how the grains impact the flavor of the whisky and that a high quality grain supplier can be your ticket to prod...
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5 Flavored Whiskeys That Are Worth a Taste

Inspired by the success of flavored vodkas, flavored whiskeys are filling the shelves and making a big impression on the spirit world. While not all flavored whiskeys are worthy of gracing your glass, these 5 whiskeys may be worth a taste.  Knob Creek Smoked MapleMade with original Kentucky Straight Bourbon, the bourbon comes first in this full-bodied drink followed by the natural flavors of maple, caramel and vanilla. Introduced in 2013, this 90 proof spirit is said to be aged for a 9...
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September is National Bourbon Heritage Month

National Bourbon Heritage Month, created in 2007 by an act of congress, celebrates America’s “Native Spirit.” Recognized every September, bourbon lovers across the US share their love and appreciation for this delicious spirit.From rich family heritage to traditions and legacy, the bourbon industry has always been intertwined with our country’s history. September is about honoring this spirit and all of the people who have contributed to and continue to carry on this grea...
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Dakota Quality Rye – The Great Plains Greatest Grain

Dakota Quality Rye – The Great Plains Greatest GrainRye is one of the small grains grown in the Great Plains. It is a winter annual, planted in the fall, and is the hardiest of the small grains. Rye does well in cool climates (optimum temperature 55ºF to 65ºF) and tolerates most adverse weather. It is often grown in light, sandy soil, when weed problems are present or when the soil is low in fertility. Rye grain is similar to wheat in size and composition but is lower in protein....
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