And for those over 21 Years of Age – The best whiskey cocktail recipes of all time.

Great whiskey cocktail recipes, like the recipes for great food, are coveted the world over. However, unlike food, great whiskey (and their related cocktails) did not originate from one specific region. While you would expect to find the best sushi in Japan or the best pasta in Italy, great whiskey can appear from anyplace on the globe. For this reason, when you are searching for the perfect whiskey cocktail recipe, the goal isn’t to find people from the right location. The goal is to talk to people from the right trade.

If you want to learn about the finest art, you talk to artists. If you want to find out about the most beautiful music, you talk to musicians. If you want to find the best whiskey cocktail recipes, you talk to distillers. Distillers are the people who make the whiskey from scratch. These are the experts, the people who know the product intimately because they have been consumed by it’s creation and the pursuit of it’s perfection for years, sometimes for decades.

At Brooks Grain, we happen to know a distiller or two. From them, we have compiled the best drink recipes in the world. They have come directly from the people responsible for making any cocktail’s most important ingredient: booze. We’ve scoured our contacts. We have beaten down doors and rung phones off the hook all for you – for the best recipes from the best artists.

Consider these our Recipes Of Success.

Because great whiskey and great cocktail recipes are continually being made, this list will never be complete. If you’ve discovered a recipe that should be added, drop us a note below. After all, one can never have too many great cocktail recipes.

Mitch Morgan

one shot of Bourbon one-half slice of cooked bacon combine ingredients and enjoyYep.  That’s it.  The smoky bacon pairs wonderfully with the wood in the bourbon and makes a delicious garnish, and its fat cuts the bite of the alcohol with ease.  Put them together and you’ve found the perfect way to stay warm this winter.The drink originates from Telluride, Colorado, specifically a BBQ and Bourbon joint called “Oak…The New Fat Alley.”  Telluride ...
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All, Winter |

Orange Manhattan

 These are great…actually one of the house fav’s.Here is what you will need: cocktail shaker ice dash of sweet vermouth 1.5 oz bourbon whiskey 1.5 oz Cointreau dash orange bitters dash maraschino cherry juice 1 maraschino cherry, to garnish – well, make it 2
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