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7 Awesome Health Benefits of Rye: The World’s Healthiest Grain

Rye has been grown in countries with colder climates- Russia, Scandinavia, Poland- since its cultivation in around 400 B.C. because it has the ability to grow in virtually any soil and climate.Often referred to as, “the poverty grain,” rye was seen as a food for the lower class, and back in the day, the nobility nibbled on the richer wheat bread while peasants filled themselves with the coarser, heavier, but also healthier, rye bread.Rye continues to flourish in many European countri...
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What Makes Whiskey Qualify as a Rye?

Prior to the Whiskey Rebellion of 1791, rye was the most popular grain distilled by American farmers and breweries.  Its simplicity to grow and overall resiliency helped bolster its popularity—the rye grain supplier had a hefty demand to fill as post-Revolutionary Americans filled their glasses with rye whiskey.  Business was booming for the rye grain company and the outlook was sunny.  Rye Whiskey Takes a HitEnter in liquor taxation and the eventual illegaliz...
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Brooks Grain – celebrating the rye merchants of the past

According to the Guiness Book of World Records, the oldest whisky in existence is believed to have been bottled in Ballindaloch, Scotland at the Glenavon Distillery. Although it is difficult to pinpoint exactly, it is believed to have been bottled some time between 1851 and 1858.The bottle is green and smaller than most and contains 14 fl oz (roughly 400 ml). It has been passed along through the generations by a family in Ireland.The label reads “Glenavon – Special Liqueur Whisk...
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Brooks Grain Whiskey Business: A Snapshot of Prohibition

The Volstead Act and Prohibition – Brooks Grain Whiskey BusinessOne of the more colorful, and bloody, chapters of American history took place from 1920 to 1933 when the 18th Amendment became a national law. The Amendment illegalized the sale, transport, and manufacture of intoxicating beverages although it did not go into specifics. Later, the Volstead Act specified what was and was not illegal.Prior to the Volstead Act, the states determined what was and was not legal with some allowing p...
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What Makes a Grain Whiskey?

Whiskies vary greatly in flavor and form depending upon their composition, agedness, and the distillery method used to get them from plant form into your glass.  Acquiring a taste for whiskey is a worthy pursuit inviting one with an adventurous spirit to call themselves a whiskey drinker.  A true whiskey connoisseur will tell you that whiskies vastly differ one from another and a small piece of the puzzle is whether the whiskey is a grain whiskey or a malt whiskey.Although ba...
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4 Fun Facts About Rye

Rye is a truly underrated grain, often considered suited only for those of lower class.  Not here at Brooks Grain.  As your rye grain company of choice, we’d like to give you four compelling reasons why rye is fit not only for all societal classes, but rye is a grain fit for a king.  It’s heartiness and strong flavor is a force to be reckoned with, but that only elevates it’s status as king grain.  As experts in the rye grain industry, we should know. &...
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Brooks Grain Exhibiting at ACSA Convention & Vendor Show

The American Craft Spirits Association (ACSA) is hosting its 4th Annual Distillers Convention & Vendor Trade Show on February 16-17, 2017, in Nashville, Tennessee. Home to some of country music’s greatest artists, Nashville is a spirited city filled with creativity and excellent craft spirits.  Craft spirit producers from around the nation will gather at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel in February to partake in the largest assembly of licensed craft spirit producers in Americ...
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Straight Rye Defined: What makes a “straight rye?”

Although rye should arguably be consumed year-round, it tends to be most popular in the cooler fall and winter months due to its spicy and robust nature.  While it certainly will take the chill from your bones, take it from the rye grain merchants: rye whiskey is good on any day of the year.  Alas, we often live at the whim of company and guests when it comes to our beverage stores, so make sure to plan seasonally for this whiskey.A Question of AgingLet’s move on to the question ...
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5 Grain Storage Tips

Fresh, hot off the press, newly minted: these are words and phrases that are appealing to any consumer’s ears. We want the best, and oftentimes we assume that the best is the most recent. While we know that this certainly isn’t true with delicacies like our wine and other liquors, what about grains? Can they be just as good after short periods of storage? With proper grain storage facilities and tactics, you can be certain that the grains you’re brewing with are just as good as...
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Bourbon Barrels: Does Size Matter?

Barrels in which bourbon is aged, can make or break the flavor of the final product. The color and flavor of the bourbon are immensely affected by it. So, it is important to understand a thing or two about these barrels. A number of factors such as the wood, the process of charring it, and its very size, have a great influence on how barrels affect the flavor. We have quite a thorough knowledge of how the ageing process works, and how the barrel size can affect it. Here, we will share them with ...
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