September is National Bourbon Heritage Month

National Bourbon Heritage Month, created in 2007 by an act of congress, celebrates America’s “Native Spirit.” Recognized every September, bourbon lovers across the US share their love and appreciation for this delicious spirit.From rich family heritage to traditions and legacy, the bourbon industry has always been intertwined with our country’s history. September is about honoring this spirit and all of the people who have contributed to and continue to carry on this grea...
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Moonshine Recipe Two Ways

Moonshine:  the white whiskey most infamously known for its illicit nature and high-proof.  The folklore behind the making and selling of moonshine is thick with both truth and exaggeration, but the fact remains that moonshine abides still and the distilling of the drink is frequently attempted by amateurs.  Although moonshine typically refers to the illegal version of the beverage, there are legal versions produced in order to provide the reveler with a similar white-ho...
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This Heavenly Bourbon Burger Will Be the Star of Your Next BBQ

Love bourbon? Love burgers? We would like to introduce you to your new favorite entree, the Bourbon Burger. Start planning your next get together because this delicious burger needs to be shared. But be warned, your friends and family may never volunteer to host another BBQ ever again after savoring this juicy burger.Ready to start grilling? Here’s what you’re going to need. The Bourbon BurgerBurger Patties and Cheese:  30 ounces of ground chuck (20% fat) 1 1/2 tablespoons ...
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Dark and Bloody Bourbon Mary

The savior of many a hangover, the Bloody Mary has become a brunch staple and a well-loved drink for the earlier hours of the day. But where did the Bloody Mary come from?The origins of the Bloody Mary are questionable, but there is one story that is generally accepted as truth. In the 1920s, an American bartender named Fernand Petiot worked at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris. Petiot decided to mix vodka with tomato juice and some spices to jazz it up, and voila, the Bloody Mary is born.He l...
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Rye the Brew and the Sandwich, Too

Rye the Brew and the Sandwich, TooIt’s not a lie, incorporating more rye into your diet is a smart decision. Rye products are rich in fiber. Rye flour has a lower glycemic index than white flour. Rye can lower cholesterol. Rye can improve the function of your digestive system. Rye is rich in minerals and vitamins. Rye has an antioxidant effect. Moreover, rye can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and the occurrence of gallstones. With that in mind, local rye grain suppliers are...
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Dakota Quality Rye – The Great Plains Greatest Grain

Dakota Quality Rye – The Great Plains Greatest GrainRye is one of the small grains grown in the Great Plains. It is a winter annual, planted in the fall, and is the hardiest of the small grains. Rye does well in cool climates (optimum temperature 55ºF to 65ºF) and tolerates most adverse weather. It is often grown in light, sandy soil, when weed problems are present or when the soil is low in fertility. Rye grain is similar to wheat in size and composition but is lower in protein....
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Rye Whiskey: The Perfect Fall Cocktail Companion

Are you a bourbon drinker who wants something different—but not too different? Pick up a bottle of rye. Drier-tasting than bourbon but with the same fall-friendly richness, rye whiskey is a great way to revitalize your drinking repertoire. In fact, rye whiskey is increasingly often the drink of choice for many whiskey connoisseurs. Up until recently, this historic American spirit was fading into obscurity. Liquor stores and bars usually stocked just a few old, dusty bottles. However, there...
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Now That It’s National Bourbon Heritage Month, Let’s Celebrate!

In case you didn’t know, by an act of Congress in 2007, September was declared National Bourbon Heritage Month. So we here at Brooks Grain are pretty excited when the calendar turns. This year, we encourage you to celebrate our favorite historic spirit with a tour and a new take on whiskey.No matter the intention of Congress ten years ago, September has become synonymous with whiskey. Distillers roll out their newest whiskies. Festivals abound. So why not take advantage, right? One of the ...
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5 New Rye Whiskies You Need to Try This Fall

As the weather turns cold we all spend more time inside, huddled up with our friends and families. As we come together to celebrate the holidays, a number of fantastic rye whiskeys are being released to aid us in our libations. Here are 5 new rye whiskeys you need to try this fall. Former Maker’s Mark Master distiller Dave Pickerell has set out to create the best rye whiskey the world has ever seen.  He may have done just that with his new bottles of WhistlePig. &n...
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Fun & Ghoulish Halloween Whiskey Cocktails

For children, Halloween is a time to dress up and run around outside causing mischief.  For adults, Halloween can be about dressing up to staying inside and causing mischief.  Leave the candy for the ghosts and goblins, we are looking for the best Halloween Whiskey cocktails for you and your ghoulish gang.  Our friends at Intoxicologist have a few suggestions to make your Halloween party something the neighbors will be talking about until well after Thanksgiving.  Mix yo...
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